SAN Storage

Storage Area Network (SAN), are a separate computer network typically based on a fabric of fiber channel switches and hubs, connecting storage subsystems to a heterogeneous set of servers on an any-server-to-any-server basis. A SAN enables direct storage-to-storage interconnectivity and lends itself to taking advantage of new types of clustering technology.

Storage Area Network benefits include the following:

  • Increases performance and availability
  • Improves data storage management and reduces costs
  • Enables efficient hardware deployment and utilization
  • Improves data backup efficiency and accessibility
  • Enables storage virtualization
  • Delivers operational and disaster recovery

Our Experts can assist you in justifying, designing, implementing and expanding SAN technology to meet your business needs.

Here are some of the services delivered to our customer base:

  • Complete Storage Audit – A thorough analysis of your current storage infrastructure, along with an architecture roadmap, and ROI for investing in a SAN.
  • Backup Audit – Designing the right SAN to meet your storage and backup needs.
  • SAN Audit – Conducting an end-to-end analysis of your current SAN, while making recommendations for growth based on our SAN services best practices.