Revenue Collection

The Revenue Collection Module offers flexibility to the Utility through providing various methods of payment to the consumer, accurately calculating current cash flow statistics and remotely evaluating .performance of each service center .It also offer alternative countermeasures in case of lack of payme

  • Flexible Payment Methods & System Configuration
  • Monitoring of Revenue Collection
  • Lack of Payment Countermeasures

Flexible Payment Methods & System Configuration

  • Including Prepaid/Postpaid/Open Account
  • Payment Transactions can be performed via SMS Consumer Portal/Call Center/POS/etc...
  • Setting Billing Periods and their activation dates
  • Grace Periods and Friendly features (Weekends, Holidays and specific times) can also be configured

Monitoring of Revenue Collection

  • Including Net Sales/Receivables/Amounts Collected/etc...
  • Generating Statistics by Month/Billing Type/etc...
  • Settled Vs. Unsettled Bills
  • Periodic reports on billing & collection service centers
  • Generating reports on non-paying customers as well as • their trend of payments in comparison to previous periods
  • Forecast the expected revenue and collection rate in the • upcoming months to help the Utility estimate its cash flow and improve the collection process

Lack of Payment Countermeasures

  • Dispatching Reminder Messages to Consumers for different billing systems e.g. (Credit Limit Threshold exceeded for Prepaid, Bill Overdue for several months for basic and reminder that Bill is due after a specified timeframe for postpaid)
  • Activating Settlement/Instalment options
  • Enforcing Configurable Penalties for non-paying consumers
  • Remote disconnection of service for persistently nonpaying consumers