Human Resources Management Solution Managing the Personnel Database, Timesheet, Contractors Payroll and Benefits Programs by customizing our HR solution to adapt to P&G business requirements. Applying the overtime rules, leaves & vacations tracking, payroll calculation for two thousand employees. Developing a Sap Synchronization Engine to sync the data with SAP HRM.

  • Productivity Solution
  • Vibrant Living Solution
  • Surveys Management

Productivity Solution:

Calculating actual and forecast productivity for P&G production lines:

  • Femcare
  • Home care
  • Beauty Care
  • Fabric Care

By processing the headcount of managers, staff, technicians, allocation percentages and the volumes produced per month.

Using highly sophisticated reports and analytics, Cairo Plant's productivity ratios and statistics are reported globally through the application.

Vibrant Living Solution:

Managing the Employees Electronic Medical Record, their symptoms, diagnosis, medication, prescriptions and annual examinations.

Surveys Management:

Providing a Surveying Kiosk to encourage P&G employees to participate in the decision making process.