Customer Relation Ship

The Customer Relationship Management Module allows CRM personnel to update work orders and assign specific employees to certain orders and dates, assign specific meters to customers, generate usernames for customers wishing to access their web based consumer portal and to handle all customer complaints registered through the consumer portal & the customer service module. It supports the processes and procedures of installation, replacement, maintenance and removal for Electricity Meters , Data Concentrators ,etc...

  • Metering Field Operations (Installation, Inspection & Maintenance Activitie)
  • Customer Service

Metering Field Operations(Installation, Inspection & Maintenance Activitie)

  • Creating & monitoring new work order plans, and assigning employees to them
  • Updating the status of the different work order types including Installations, Inspections and Replacements
  • Managing work orders by Location & Activity to increase efficiency levels
  • Registering newly commissioned metering components i.e. (Transformers/DCUs/Meters) on the System
  • Monitoring efficiency & effort of Utility Personnel

Customer Service

  • Integration with Call Center Solution
  • Ability of Call Center Representatives to communicate with meters remotely
  • Customer History Retrieval
  • Complaints Management
  • Complaints Statistics
  • Support Workflow & Escalation Procedures
  • Case Time Management