Losses Reduction

The Losses Reduction Module offers the utility an effective tool to measure its network losses and identify areas with high losses. It also helps in better understanding the network losses patterns by tracing these losses to their main source e.g. (specific regions). It also detects changes in user behaviour and generates accurate suspect lists to detect tampering or theft. This is in addition to the various tamper types detected through the meter itself.

  • Losses Calculation
  • Generation of Suspect List
  • Energy Theft Countermeasures

Losses Calculation

  • Generating Correlation Reports between Balance Meter • readings and Load Meter Readings which helps in indicating the amount of losses in the system
  • Generating Reports on Distribution Losses by Type / Location/etc...
  • Losses Heatmap indicating regions with (Low/Medium / High) Losses in addition to displaying all grid asset losses e.g. (Transformers, Feeders, Cables, etc...)
  • Losses Forecasting

Generation of Suspect List

  • Using historical data such as irregular changes in • consumption trends as well as previously detected tampering activities
  • Allows Utility Personnel to monitor these individuals more • carefully and to implement the most effective methods of deterrence

Energy Theft Countermeasures

  • Warning Messages to Consumers if Losses in a certain • area exceed a pre-configured limit
  • If Energy theft persists, actions can be taken such as • enforcing penalties, stopping service and dispatching field inspection crews