Load Management

The Load Management Module offers the utility direct control over the Grid and a high level of intelligence in managing customer loads. It enables the utility to set load limits that will not cause discomfort to its customers and help in reducing the gap between power supply and demand during peak hours or planned shutdown of power stations for maintenance.

  • Load Control & Monitoring
  • Outage Management
  • Critical Load Management

Load Control & Monitoring

  • Energy Supply vs. Energy Consumption indicates the size • of the gap between Supply and Demand
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) utilizing Google • Maps, displaying the locations of every system component ,installed in the field i.e. (Meters, DCUs, Transformers,etc...)
  • Consumption Heatmap indicating regions with • Low/Medium/High) consumption to aid in the load) management process
  • Meter/Transformer Load Profiles
  • Load Forecasting

Outage Management

  • Ability to set load Limits for specific groups (by Location , Property Type, etc…) to prevent power outages
  • Taking action if limit is exceeded (Persistence, Penalty , Service Disconnect)
  • Accurate calculation of SAIDI, SAIFI & CAIDI
  • Peak Hour Estimation through historical data putting into • consideration calendar events

Critical Load Management

  • Generating VIP lists to avoid power interrupts to these ,sensitive groups such as hospitals, governmental building,etc...
  • Taking action if limit is exceeded (Persistence, Penalty , Service Disconnect)
  • Customer Classification according to average bill value/ load value / activity / etc...