Knowing how to effectively manage finances is what sets different organizations apart as it is the basis of an impeccable, smooth-running business. Where some succeed others may fail and many companies are brought down by the sheer load of accounting that needs to be done. Bookkeeping and tracking transactions are not easy especially when companies expand. Most companies that reach great heights are pulled back down by the financial accounting weights strapped around their backs. The BuduCloud Financial Solution is designed to help you avoid the common pitfall of most organizations. To put it simply, we help you organize your finances by providing you with a system that actually grows with your business.

  • The General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assets

The General Ledger

The fundamental requirement of effective financial accounting is organization. The General Ledger of the BuduCloud Financial Solution helps you do that. Dynamically define and manage your accounts, store information about each account and easily access them by the click of a button all in a tree/hierarchical structure. Set financial periods and currencies to your preference. Create financial statements without complications. And so much more, all of which can be done by the help of the Solution which is molded to precisely fit your business.

Accounts Payable

Using the account payable module you will be able to keep all of your payables in order. By defining your Vendors Master Data (Code, Name, Address & Contact Data, etc.) you are building a database which is fully integrated with the Supply Chain procurement module. Purchase invoices become fully automated as well as all types of deposits and check cycles. From purchase return invoices to outgoing payments transactions through their various transfer methods (Cash/Checks/Credit Cards/Bank) and even allocation of the receipts on the purchase invoices, the system has got you covered.

Accounts Receivable

The full automation of your entire accounting and finance process does not stop at your payable accounts it also expands to your accounts receivable to cover every aspect of your finances. The module is fully integrated with the Supply Chain Sales Module and follows all of your Receivables diligently from Sales Invoices to Sales Return invoices and credit memos. Keep a database of your Customer Master Data and schedule incoming payments all by the click of a button. The Solution will follow your every Incoming payment transaction, give out AR Aging reports periodically, allocate receipts on invoices and keep track of every phase of check cycles.

Fixed Assets

Assets are the backbone of any company and their importance is not to be underestimated. The fixed assets module allows you to keep track of your assets by dynamically defining them in the Assets Master Data (Code, Name, Category, and Depreciation Setup Data). Easily calculate Assets depreciation, find the location of your assets effortlessly and buy or sell assets all with the help of the intuitive fixed assets module.