Elswedy Intelligence

El Sewedy Intelligence was created as a result of the successful collaboration between El Sewedy Brainnovate and BuduCloud in the development of technologically advanced Enterprise & Information Management solutions and services for the Energy Utilities and Telecom sectors.

  • Energy Intelligence "MDM & More"
  • Building a professional e-commerce solution

Energy Intelligence "MDM & More" :

Utilities all over the world are struggling with their energy efficiency levels and to balance their key objectives of load Management, Losses Reduction and Revenue Collection. Our MDM solution has the intelligence to collect, filter and analyze big data before presenting the utility with detailed recommendations and forecasts utilizing highly sophisticated graphical charts and mathematical tools that allow them to monitor their KPIs and make informed decisions.

Building a professional e-commerce solution with a sleek interface showcasing the advancement of El Sewedy Electrical Solutions in the industry. By mentioning the History of the Company, it's success throughout the years, we explain why El Sewedy Electrical Solutions is a pioneer in it's field. All of Sewedy Electrical Solutions products are described and accompanied by technical specs, data sheets & photos to facilitate online order placement.