Data Centers

A key success factor for any application or system is the efficiency of its data center and supporting infrastructure, which determine aspects such as performance, speed to users and storage capabilities.

As part of our core system integration services, we assist clients in designing, implementing and operating highly trusted infrastructural solutions that mitigate risks, contribute in the reduction of expenses, and ensure an excellent ROI.

El Sewedy Intelligence build all parts of data centers for our clients' civil work, storage, virtualization and servers. We also have a number of strategic partnerships with leading providers of hardware and systems for data centers that allow us the flexibility to plan and design comprehensive infrastructure solutions without any vendor specific limitations.

We have clustered our offering around a few focal points, including:

  • Identifying potential opportunities to modernize / rationalize the application, platform and infrastructure portfolio, leveraging best practices and industry trends (open source, cloud)
  • Analyzing your current landscape and developing target architecture options, business cases, and implementation roadmaps
  • Helping Clients with their Cloud computing strategy, implementation and migration

Key Benefits of our Infrastructure Solutions include:

  • Minimizing cost and complexity
  • Increasing performance and reliability
  • Enhancing Management and monitoring capabilities
  • Planning for future growth