Consumer Portal

The consumer portal is a secure web-based interface, which helps in bridging the gap between the utility and its consumers by allowing consumers to keep a close eye on their consumption and bills, facilitating various payment and notification functionality and educating consumers on how to reduce their consumption and bills.

  • User friendly Interface
  • A variety of Payment Options
  • Consumer Control over bills through

User friendly Interface

  • Each consumer has his own configurable portal, with user name and password, highly secure through encryption to block any hacking possibilities
  • Responsive portal designs to allow consumers to access their portals from any web-enabled device
  • The portal allows managing more than one meter at a (time (for customers who own more than one property

A variety of Payment Options

  • Scratch Card Codes can be verified through the Consumer • Portal and charge amounts transferred to the meter
  • Each Consumer shall have a secure web account in order to perform electricity bill payment process by credit card

Consumer Control over bills through

  • Consumption History & Payment Statistics
  • Setting a bill limit
  • Setting consumption notification levels
  • Peak hour Notifications
  • Receive Energy saving tips
  • Forecast upcoming consumption and bills based on current consumption
  • Issue Customer Complaints
  • Reporting Energy Theft which probably affects everyone • in the area negatively and would likely cause power interrupts