El Sewedy Intelligence is an innovative Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) service provider and Systems Integrator.

Established in 2013, the company has a fast growing reputation as providers of a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions in the fields of Utility Management Platforms, Smart Lighting, and IoT.

Through its diversified lines of business, El Sewedy Intelligence delivers an unparalleled and extensive lineup of personalized solutions, tailor-made installations and services, which guarantee total customer satisfaction. Thanks to the digital revolution, smart cities have been brought as solutions to urbanization and sustainability challenges. As one of the innovative ICT service providers, we want to be on the forefront of this revolution so we decided to develop Utility Management Platform for Smart electricity, water & gas, IoT platform on which we can integrate different sub-systems and Smart Lighting Management System SLMS to manage and control street lighting fixtures.

Our History

Our Main Principles

Scientific Methodology

Our Approach

  • We collect detailed requirements from our Client
  • Our team of experts designs a flexible solution which can be adopted in several platforms
  • We consult a team of highly regarded field experts in order to develop a solution that matches international standards
  • The feedback and results received from the field undergo detailed analyses to illustrate possible enhancements and modifications to the solution
  • We adapt and customize the solution in accordance with the results of the analyses

Expertise & High-Calibers

Our Specialists possess not only the technical background, but also the domain expertise that best matches the specifics of our clients projects. This ensures: a faster project launch, a better understanding of our clients business processes and delivering user interfaces that match our clients expectations.

Web Applications

Desktop Applications

Distributed Information Systems

Embedded Software

Twist of Creativity

Capitalizing on the expertise and unique backgrounds of our team, we are able to help businesses in managing the big data that assists in their decision making process. Utilizing analytics and data mining techniques as well as other powerful tools in order to help businesses in establishing more predictive behaviours in the industry that can help them become more competent in building their business as one of the key players in the competitive world of the digital marketplace.